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Exclusive Insurance Deal with RoadReady and Finance First

Q. How do I save up to 800 euro on my annual premium?

A. Simples! You just complete between 5 and 10 lessons with one of our listed instructors. Then you fill out the form below and include your instructor's ADI number.



Q. Are you an insurance company or broker?

A. We're a multi agency insurance broker.
We're not tied to any one insurance company so we can source business with the most competitive insurer.



Q. Can all young drivers get his own insurance through this deal?

A. Yes, any driver who has taken lessons in accordance with the scheme can avail of the scheme.


Q. Can a young driver get named driver insurance through this deal without affecting the parents cover?

A. It may be possible on a case by case basis for a named driver to build up their own no claims bonus while being a named driver on a parents policy. They can then use this no claims to receive further discounts when they get their own insurance. However during their time as a named driver on a parents policy any claims made by the named driver will affect the parents policy. It is possible for the parent to take out a bonus protect on their policy to provide protection of their no claims status in the event of a claim. Several policies include this as standard.



What's the next step?

Please complete the form below to receive a quote.

Note: In order to get the best deal you must have completed at least 5 lessons with an
Instructor from RoadReady.


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Engine Size  
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